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Types of Permits

Premise Residence Pistol License.

A permit which allows you to have a pistol within your home. This license also allows you to travel to a pistol range with your registered handgun on an unlimited basis, and without prior approval from the NYPD Pistol License Division. You may also carry a small arm into the field for hunting upstate, as long as you have received your green hunting endorsement.

Limited Carry Pistol License.

This permit is issued for limited carry throughout the five boroughs in connection with a business entity only. This permit will not be issued for the exclusive purpose of personal protection. One must demonstrate "proper cause" for this kind of permit.

Business Premise Pistol License.

This permit is issued solely for possession within your business, or professional practice within the five boroughs on New York City. Whilst you do not have to demonstrate "proper cause" for the issuance of this license, you also cannot take this permit from your business and carry it concealed.

Full Carry Pistol Permit.

Under New York State law this permit is issued for concealed carry of a handgun, without restriction. The reality is, however, the Pistol License Division has promulgated rules which require that this permit only be issued in connection with business entities, and never for personal protection only. In addition, one must establish "proper cause" for the issuance of this kind of permit.